At present, geothermal is mainly divided into shallow geothermal and deep geothermal.

1. Shallow geothermal heat, also known as ground source heat pump, main features: caliber: about 150mm, depth: 150m, the geothermal heating project has gradually increased in the past two years, energy saving and emission reduction, also reduced The consumption of traditional energy. TEWATT recommended that the air compressor pressure range is about 20 bar, and the air flow range is about 20m3/min. TEWATT mobile air compressor models are TWT700D-20T and TWT750D-21T. 

2, Features of deep geothermal: caliber 200mm----300mm, depth 1000m-----2000m, deep geothermal distribution is relatively scattered,the current deep geothermal drilling is mainly the traditional Water well drilling rig. The biggest problem with traditional water well drilling rig is that the cycle is too long. Usually, a well takes about 6 months, even faster also need more than 3 months. In the past two years, there have been air compressors equipped with down-the-hole hammers to drill deep geothermal, and the work cycle has been shortened to one month. It is recommended that the air compressor pressure is 24 bar and the air flow is 30m3/min to 40m3/min. It can be easily realized by multiple parallel pressurization by a supercharger. 

Similar to deep geothermal drilling technology, in the field of energy exploration such as geological exploration, oil exploration, shale gas mining, coalbed methane mining, etc., with the development and technical development of multi-functional drilling rig and DTH hammer technology, air compressor equipped with DTH hammer processes are also gradually replacing traditional processes.