Warm Tips From TEWATT Aftermarket Service For Using Diesel Air Compressor In Winter

- Nov 25, 2020-

Warm tips for after-sales service of TEWATT: 

Cold wave is coming! In winter, when the temperature is lower than - 5 ℃, the viscosity of screw oil will increase significantly, which will result in poor oil supply. When the air compressor starts in the morning, the temperature will rise instantly or stop over temperature, which may cause the main engine to be stuck due to lack of oil. 

Once again, the user is reminded to start the machine continuously for 2-3 times (press the start button, and then press the stop button when idling), and wait for the screen shows that the exhaust temperature is more than 25 ℃, then load and run. And the screw host and oil tank should often discharge condensate

In addition, the diesel series air compressor unit should wait until the water temperature rises to about 40 ℃; in order to ensure the normal operation of your equipment and reduce unnecessary losses, please pay attention to it!