TEWATT Tier 4 Final Portable Diesel Air Compressor Is Comparable To Atlas Copco

- Nov 24, 2020-

Congratulations to TEWATT! Good testimony from client: Tewatt model TWT1200D-35T 1200cfm/35bar mobile diesel air compressor powered by Scania engine with tier 4 final use in South Korea performance is comparable to Atlas Copco.


Still remember that Korea engineers visited our factory, they gave a high praised to our company and products. Especially in machine configuration and internal structure. TEWATT compressor is very good! Some places do much better than Industry No.1! they praised many times during communication. We are proud that they choose TEWATT as their best partner to developing the Korea market.


In addition, in order to promote our air compressors to customers, they held a show display of our Tier 4 Final Series Air Compressors on Jun 22,2020. At the air compressor exhibition discussion, the tier 4 Final series products were unanimously approved by the customers. 


Thanks a lot for our Korea customers support all along. We will always pursue to provide our customers with the best quality products and services, to help our customers and partners grow, and bring benefits and new solutions to compressed air production.