TEWATT Regularly Overhaul And Maintenance: We Stand Behind Our Products & Services And Beside Our Customers

- Nov 20, 2020-

TEWATT has been taking the market demand as its own responsibility, with the quality of energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency to ensure our customers get the most out of every investment. We stand behind our products and services and beside our customers during performance and maintenance.


Our mission is to achieve sustainable, profitable growth. We constantly look for ways to make our customers operations more efficient, whether it is introducing smart connected technologies, shortening assembly times or improving workplace safety. Through our dedicated service divisions we stay close to our customers and gain a deep understanding of how to help them increase productivity in a sustainable way.


One of our highest priorities is to develop innovative products and service solutions with a life-cycle perspective. We design products that provide tangible benefits in terms of productivity, energy efficiency and lower life cycle cost for the customer.


Aftermarket Service: our high-quality service offering ensures they get the most out of every investment. By proactive service, mainly through connected and digital solutions, our skilled service engineers make sure our customers production run smoothly at all times.