TEWATT Professional & Timely Straight Line After-sales Service To Minimum Your Maintenance Cost

- Jan 05, 2021-

Selling the first time depends on your skill, your knowledge of the product and the application you will face and also mainly on the relationship with the customer. The second sale, on the other hand, depends on the after-sales !!! 100 % !!!!! Be prepared to meet your customer 24hs 7 days a week, have prompt delivery repair of valves, sensors, coupling, consumable kits for the next 6000 Hs operation! That's thinking about the client.

All the after-sales service centers are our own organizations and personnel. Compared with the after-sales systems that need to be reported and fed back by agents, our service will be more professional and timely. And all spare parts are sold directly by the factory, and the cost of later maintenance will be lower.