TEWATT New Arrival Diesel Engine Driven Screw Air Compressors Specialized For Deep Water Well Drilling & Pile Foundation

- Oct 16, 2020-

Features & Benefits:

1. Tewatt Screw Air-end with high efficiency and energy saved function (5 years/10000 hours warranty)

2. Fuel Efficient CUMMINS engine with green friendly environment protection

3. Adopts German KTR high elastic coupling, no resonance during operation;

4. Optional adjustable minimum pressure valve, the working pressure range of the compressor can be extended to 15-35bar;

5. Double heavy load air filter element with large dust capacity, can effectively protect the engine and compressor from working under severe dust;

6. Intelligent Twt-ccu-005 controller, integrates the functions of dynamic gas volume regulation, stepless speed change and remote monitoring to improve drilling speed and reduce oil consumption. It also provides 24-hour remote intelligent monitoring function of the unit to ensure that customers have no worries in use.


1. Water well drilling: 

a. Drinking water wells (residential water,rural tap water): caliber: 150mm-254mm, depth: 100m-300m

b. Irrigation wells (agricultural irrigation, landscaping, etc.): depth about 500m , recommend 2 units combination

c. Industrial water wells (water for company and projects, etc.): caliber: 200mm-300mm, depth: 300m-600m

2. Pile foundation construction: large diameter pile foundation construction, aperture 600mm best combination.

3. Geothermal drilling: Shallow geothermal heat, also known as ground source heat pump, main features: caliber: about 150mm, depth: 150m

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