Two TEWATT Air Compressors Combined for Borewell Drilling of Caliber 305mm Depth 224m

- Nov 02, 2020-

At present, wells are mainly divided into drinking water wells (residential water,rural tap water) and irrigation wells (agricultural irrigation, landscaping, etc.) and industrial water wells (water for company and projects, etc.).


Main features of drinking water wells: caliber: 150mm~254mm, depth: 100m~300mSome rural tap water project wells need to drill caliber above 300mm, the need air flow is more than 60 m3/min (2130CFM), then we recommends 2 units air compressors can be combined.


Last week (October 31, 2020) we got a good news from our technical engineers on site. One of our clients in Tianjing start drilling a rural tap water well. The drilling requirements is 305mm in caliber and 224 meters in depth. Two of our diesel screw air compressors (model TWT1100D-24F and TWT1200D-30F) are combined together for using. The advantage of this operation is that it not only solves the problem of insufficient air volume of one unit air compressor, but also greatly improves the drilling efficiency and saves drilling time and fuel consumption.

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