Small Size And Easy Installation

- Apr 12, 2019-

Fan The energy required to flow air in a mechanical ventilation system is supplied by the fan. Commonly used fans are centrifugal and axial flow type: 1 centrifugal fan, high fan head and low noise. The back-bend fan with airfoil-shaped blades is a low-noise and high-efficiency fan. 2 axial flow fan, when the impeller diameter and rotation speed are the same, the wind pressure is lower than the centrifugal type, and the noise is higher than the centrifugal type. It is mainly used for the ventilation system with small system resistance; the main advantage is small size, easy installation and direct Installed on a wall or pipe.

The fan used in the ventilation system is divided into a dust-proof fan, an explosion-proof fan, and an anti-corrosion fan according to the conveying medium.

Air Filters In order to ensure human health and meet the air cleanliness requirements of certain industrial processes (such as the food industry), the air sent into the room must be cleaned to varying degrees. Air filters are commonly used in air supply systems to remove dust particles from the air. According to different filtration efficiencies, air filters are classified into three types: coarse, medium, and efficient. Wire mesh, glass wool, foam, synthetic fibers and filter paper are commonly used as filter materials.