Simple Monitoring Ensures Safe Operation

- Apr 12, 2019-

It is well known that the air sucked up by the air compressor is unclean, and the water and oil will condense into droplets, which are mixed with dust particles to form acidic sludge, which is harmful to the quality of the air pipe network, the gas equipment and the final product, and the air is tight. The number of machine downtimes is added, the downtime is extended, the production power is reduced, and the quality of the product is degraded due to the tightening of air quality, which has a potential impact on the reputation of the product in the market and environmental protection. The appearance of the fine filter eliminates the pollution that may occur during the production process. The multi-high quality filter can supply more and more fine filtering effects, only the minimum pressure drop is required, which significantly reduces the energy consumption of the compact air system and avoids the shutdown protection moment.

The advantages of fine filters:

1. Firm operation: The outer surface of the casing is oxidized. Filter stainless steel support. The filter element uses two layers of "O" rings and a sealing cap to prevent leakage. The triple filtration mechanism ensures the highest filtration power.

2. Economic operation: Low pressure drop can save a lot of power: low pressure drop has different meanings for different customers and use. Therefore, we must define and quantify the energy consumption level.

3. Simple device: compact size, only minimal device controls are required. The smallest replacement filter control.

4. Simple monitoring ensures safe operation: the sight glass can directly observe the water level. The differential pressure gauge or differential pressure indicator indicates the timing of the filter replacement. There is an audible alarm when the pressure is removed. The drain valve is capable of manual pressure relief.

5. Protection and convenience: The filter element can be quickly disassembled. Robust push-on filter.