Reliable Operation And Long Life

- Apr 09, 2019-

The sliding type mobile air compressor can be directly used in the underground coal mine where there is danger of gas and coal explosion. It provides compressed air, air compressor and complete equipment (motor, switch, air reservoir) for wind power tools such as tunneling and anchoring. , coolers, safety devices, etc., all mounted on a frame (with a gauge of 600 mm, 900 mm, and a wheel axle of 900 mm) into a maneuverable flexible underground air compressor unit that can be towed or Push to the gas location, wedge the wooden wedge under the wheel on the ramp, turn on the power and water, and the air duct can be put into use. There is no need for a special cavern or foundation fixing.

1. High reliability: there are few compressor parts and no wearing parts, so it runs reliably and has a long service life. The interval between overhauls can reach 4~80,000 hours;

2, convenient operation and maintenance: high degree of automation, operators do not have to go through long-term professional training, can achieve unattended operation;

3, good dynamic balance: no unbalanced inertial force, smooth high-speed operation, can achieve no basic operation, especially suitable for use as a mobile compressor, small size, light weight, less floor space;

4, strong adaptability: with the characteristics of forced gas transmission, the volume flow is almost independent of the exhaust pressure, and can maintain high efficiency in a wide range of speed.