Prospect Of Air Compressor Industry In Future

- Oct 30, 2020-

Our state has announced a number of policies to support the localization of air compressors, such as “Made in China 2025”, “Energy technology revolution and innovation action plan” and “Guide catalogue of key products and services of strategic emerging industries”.


The future air compressor presents a new development trend. The industry concentration will be improved, the scale of enterprises will gradually expand, and the R & D technology will continue to improve. The gas compressor industry will gradually develop to a new situation with reasonable layout. China is the main production base of air compressor in the world. With the further development of chemical industry, metallurgy industry, petroleum industry and clean energy industry, the market demand potential of air compressor is huge.


Especially in the energy-saving development trend of "low-carbon and environmental protection", the rapid development of domestic mining, metallurgy, power, electronics, machinery manufacturing, medicine, food, textile light industry and petrochemical industry will also accelerate the elimination of backward technology and high energy consumption equipment, and promote the upgrading of compressor equipment from low added value to high added value, so as to bring further development opportunities for screw compressor industry.