New Portable Diesel Air Compressor Dual Working Condition Model TWT850D-24T&TWT950D-17T

- Aug 20, 2020-

TEWATT unveiled a new model TWT850D-24T&TWT950D-17T  Dual Working Condition (two-in-one model delivers 850 cfm(24m3/min) of air at 348 psi/24bar, and 950 cfm(27m3/min) of air at 246.5psi/17bar) power by Cummins engine 264kw……


1. Cummins engine, high torque, strong power, low maintenance costs;

2. Flexibe moving for the mining blasting environment, the configuration of enhanced twisting axle and traction system, high-load meridian large tires, easy to cope with the mine's harsh road ;

3. Large surplus of heat dissipation system, fearless high temperature and high dust environment, lower failure rate;

4. Dual-working condition switch,  costs-saving ;

5. High-efficiency two-stage screw air-end, large rotor,high stability;

6.TWT-CCU-0005 intelligent controller,  remote monitoring function, real-time control and monitoring.  

7.High-capacity fuel tank(600L ), fully guarantee more than 15 hours of high-strength continuous operation.


Mining blasting: First gear: applicable to both , blasting for 115mm and below blasthole; Second gear suitable for 138mm or above blastholes.

Water well drilling: Two-speed adjustment can meet the aperture of 200mm and depth 200m well drilling.

Pile foundation construction: large diameter pile foundation construction, aperture 600mm best combination.

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