How To Choose Air Compressor For Mining? TEWATT Only Provides The Most Appropriate!

- Nov 11, 2020-

With the development of modernization of mining industry, the demand for mining equipment is higher and higher. The construction of high-quality and safe mining base has become the core of mining industry development. What air compressor is used in mining industry?

Mining equipment is constantly updated and improved. Reliability, easy to operate, monitor and maintain are the most basic requirements. The mining industry used to use the old piston air compressor, but the piston air compressor has high consumption, high noise, high exhaust volume and low work efficiency. So now the general use is the mobile screw air compressor. It has low noise, low energy consumption and high stability. The most important thing is that it is easy to move, which brings convenience to many mining enterprises.

Flexible moving for the mining blasting environment, TEWATT air compressors the configuration of enhanced twisting axle and traction system, high-load meridian large tires, easy to cope with the mine's harsh road. Our models are very popular in the mining industry, such as TWT700D-22T, TWT750D-21T, TWT605D-17T, TWT550D-16T, TWT493D-16T. They will improve production and safety throughout all aspects of mining processes.700D-22T-1