How Compressed Air From Air Compressors Is Applied On Ships ?

- Oct 25, 2019-

How compressed air from air compressors is applied on ships ?

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As we all know, compressed air is generally used in mining, well drilling, construction field...... all are on land.

Did you know that TEWATT air compressors can make a big difference at sea? Marine ships, like floating plants, are constantly taking place in various mechanical processes.

The main uses of compressed air produced by air compressors in marine applications are divided into the following four points:

1, Start the air 

Compressed air is used on ocean-going vessels as a powerful and storeable energy source for starting large diesel engines. Although air is used at a lower pressure of 150psi, it is usually stored at a higher pressure to make better use of space, while still allowing enough volume for multiple start-up attempts.

2. Control, instrument and working air 

There are many systems and processes on board that require compressed air.

Such like engine emission monitoring systems, throttle control, control valves and tool air are just a few of the many uses and applications of compressed air on board.

3. Hull lubrication air

The ship pushes the water and encounters resistance. Through the specially designed hull, low-pressure air can be blown through small holes, creating a layer of air between the hull and water.The air layer will reduce ship resistance with potential fuel consumption efficiency of more than 25% and significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

4. Inert gas (nitrogen) 

Ships that use LNG (liquefied natural gas) as a fuel source or transport LNG need to cover their fuel tanks with nitrogen to prevent the possibility of explosion. Instead of bringing nitrogen tanks on board, it makes more sense to produce nitrogen on site. To do this, the ship must first install an air compressor.