Good Customer Reputation Of Tewatt Air Compressor With 4145 Hours Running Time

- Oct 27, 2020-

No wind, no waves, no clouds, no rain. The grass withered, the leaves turned yellow and scattered all over the ground. The fields are scorched by the sun as if they have lost all their moisture.


With the continuous drought of farmland, villagers began to dig wells for water storage to solve the urgent problems: water diversion to protect agricultural crops, addressing drinking water issues etc. At this time, mechanized drilling equipment boomed in. The caliber of the well was about 219mm, using our air compressor to drill down depth more than 100 meters in half a day. The water was pumped out in a steady stream, and irrigated dozens of acres of farmland nearby.

Our this high pressure diesel air compressor with 4145 hours running time has won a good reputation in the application of water well drilling among customers for its high borehole drilling efficiency, low oil consumption and low failure rate.