Easy Operation And Maintenance, High Degree Of Automation

- Apr 02, 2019-

Screw compressors, also known as screw compressors, include screw air compressors and screw process compressors (such as vinyl chloride compressors). Screw machines are volumetric twin-screw fuel injection compressors, which are generally box-type armored structures.

Screw compressors were divided into single-screw compressors and twin-screw compressors. It was not until 1934 that A.Lysholm of the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden laid the screw compressor SRM technology and began to apply it in industry and achieved rapid development.

The twin-screw main engine is introduced. The working process: the inter-tooth element volume (that is, the working volume formed by each pair of teeth) gradually expands as the rotor rotates, and communicates with the intake port at the lower left of the machine, and the gas enters through the orifice. The elementary volume, the intake process begins; after the rotor rotates to a certain angle, after the inter-tooth element volume exceeds the intake port position, it is disconnected from the intake port, and the intake process ends; after the rotor turns to a certain angle, The volume of the two isolated inter-tooth elements is invaded by the convex teeth of the male screw, and the volume of the element begins to shrink at the same time, realizing the compression process of the gas. Until the moment when the pair of elementary volumes communicate with the exhaust orifice; after the elementary volume and the exhaust orifice are connected, the exhaust process begins and the exhaust process continues until the two teeth are fully meshed, ie two bases The element volume is equal to zero when the two rotors are fully engaged.

1. High reliability, few parts, no wearing parts, so it runs reliably and has a long service life. The design life of the main head of the screw machine is 30 years.

2. Easy operation and maintenance, high degree of automation, operators do not need long-term professional training to achieve unattended operation.

3. The power balance is good, there is no unbalanced inertia force, and the machine can work smoothly at high speed to achieve no basic operation.

4. It has strong adaptability and the characteristics of forced gas transmission. The volume flow is almost independent of the exhaust pressure, and it can maintain high efficiency in a wide range of working conditions. Without any modification of the compressor structure, Suitable for a variety of working conditions, so it is easy to finalize mass production.

5. Multi-phase mixed transmission, there is actually a gap between the tooth surfaces of the rotor, so it can withstand liquid impact, and can be used to pump liquid-containing gas, dust-containing gas, and easily polymerized gas.

6. Spool valve flow adjustment, no need to reflow, can effectively reduce energy consumption.