DTH Drilling Rig Equipped With TEWATT Diesel Mobile Air Compressor Working in Norway

- Dec 10, 2020-

The DTH drilling rig is equipped with TEWATT diesel mobile screw air compressor, which is well received by foreigners for its construction in Norway, Northern Europe.


The features of TEWATT diesel mobile/stationary screw air compressors are as follows:


1. Main engine: adopt large diameter screw rotor with low speed, the screw airend and diesel engine are directly connected through high elastic coupling, and there is no speed increasing gear in the middle, so the reliability is better; the speed of screw airend is consistent with that of diesel engine (no more than 2200r / min), and the service life is longer.


2. Diesel engine: adopt the original imported Volvo/Scania engine, and the domestic mature high power section Cummins/Yuchai diesel engine, which meet Euro II / III / V emission requirements and have low fuel consumption,


3. Good adaptability, according to the size of the gas consumption, automatic adjustment of engine speed and intake valve size, no waste of a drop of diesel. This is equivalent to the frequency conversion control of the electric screw air compressor.


4. The operation parameters are clear at a glance, and have multiple prompts, including alarm and shutdown protection functions.


The user's consistent evaluation of the TEWATT diesel mobile screw air compressor is that the purchase cost is low, the maintenance requirements are low, the maintenance cost is low, and the fuel consumption is lower than that of similar models in the market.