Warmly Welcome Swiss Customer To Visit TEWATT Factory

- Oct 14, 2019-

Recently, a Swiss customer came to visit TEWATT factory and inspected the production schedule of TEWATT air compressor TWT1200D-35T with EU stage V emission class. TEWATT  was the first manufacturer in China who make air compressor for European stage 5 requirement.  Have export to Spain, UK, South Korean and so on countries who request for stage V air compressors.

The stage V air compressors we adopt SCANIA engine original imported from Sweden, featuring high efficiency, low fuel consumption, low noise, stability and reliability, long service life and low maintenance cost. Configuration of the US INGERSOLL Rand air end, full intelligent controller, with GPRS remote monitoring, remote switch on/off, add and reduce load functions. User can use thier mobile phone APP or laptop at home or anywhere to really achieve remote operation and monitoring functions. as well as air delivery after cooler function...It is highly recognized by customers and thumb up.