Core Equipment For Pneumatic Systems

- Apr 01, 2019-

An air compressor is a device used to compress a gas. The air compressor is similar in construction to the pump. Most air compressors are reciprocating pistons, rotating blades or rotating screws. Centrifugal compressors are very large applications.

The compressor is directly driven by the electric motor to cause a rotational motion of the crankshaft, and the connecting rod is caused to cause the piston to reciprocate, causing the cylinder volume to change. Due to the change of the pressure inside the cylinder, the air enters the cylinder through the air cleaner (muffler) through the intake valve. During the compression stroke, the compressed air passes through the exhaust valve due to the reduction of the cylinder volume, and the exhaust pipe is single. The valve (check valve) enters the gas storage tank, and when the exhaust pressure reaches the rated pressure of 0.7 MPa, it is automatically stopped by the pressure switch control. When the pressure of the gas storage tank drops to 0.5--0.6MPa, the pressure switch automatically starts to start.

The air compressor is the core power of the pneumatic system. It is the core equipment of the pneumatic system. The main body of the electromechanical air source device is the device that converts the mechanical energy of the motive (usually electric motor or diesel engine) into gas pressure energy. Air pressure generating device.

After the muffler is installed in the inlet and exhaust ports of the air compressor or the muffler tunnel is installed, the airflow noise can be reduced to below 80db(a), but the mechanical noise and motor noise of the air compressor are still high, so it should also be in air pressure. An acoustic enclosure is installed on the unit of the machine.