Mining, mainly refers to the mining and perforation of open pit mines, whether it is coal mines, iron ore mines, rare metal mines, or stone mines, all of which are based on the technology of submersible drilling rigs equipped with air compressors and down-the-hole hammers. The application of air power in the mining industry is very mature. The world mineral resources are very rich, and the application of air compressors in the mine field is also very extensive. At present, the mining technology mainly has the following types.

1. Perforation aperture below 120, recommended air compressor pressure range 14 bar~17 bar, air flow range 14(493CFM) ~17(605CFM) m3/min, recommended models TWT493D-14T, TWT530D-16T, TWT605D-17T and so on. 

2, perforation aperture 120mm or more, usually not more than 180mm, recommended air compressor pressure range 17 bar ~25 bar, air flow range 17m3/min~25m3/min, recommended models: TWT700D-20/22T, TWT750D-21T, TWT850D-24T etc.