8 Bar Mobile Motor Driven Screw Air Compressors

Air flow:777CFM/22m3/min Pressure:8Bar/116Psi Engine Model:YE2-315M-4 Engine Power:132 KW

Product Details

777CFM/8BAR mobile motor driven screw air compressors

TEWATT 777CFM/8BAR mobile motor driven screw air compressor adopt state of the art high efficiency famous motors, low consumption, low maintenance cost and low noise strict comply with the NEMA and IEC standard. Tewatt single stage mobile motor driven screw air compressors always win the market and customers trust by its low consumption, high efficiency, easy maintenance, easy operation, and long service life characters. It Always meet the operation requirements in extreme high & low temperature, heavy dust, high altitude environment. Those applications for Road construction and repairs, Demolition tools, Quarry blasting, Hydropower stations, Water well drilling, Concrete carrier work & many other projects where Power supply is available.

Features & Benefits:

Tewatt Screw Air-end Super Rotor, low speed (5 years/10000 hours warranty)

International Warranty Service covered high efficient motor with IP54 protection

High standard Controller System, easy to play

Safe and Reliable Air Filter System

Advanced &Energy-saving Intake System.

Technical Specifications:



Compressor Stage

Single Stage

Free Air Delivery (CFM/ M3/min)


Working Pressure (psig/bar)

116/8 bar

Screw Oil Volume-(L)



Motor Model


Rated Power (KW)

132 KW

Rated Speed/Idle (rpm)


Connector Size*Qty

G3/4" *1, G 2"* 1

Wheel Size*Qty


Weight (Kgs)


Dimension (mm)


Noise {dB(A)}


Working Temp.(℃)

-10℃~50℃(special conditions can be customized)

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